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"This opera is the story of the happy couple, Otello, the governor of Cyprus, and Desmona as they are dragged through an evil plot constructed by Lago. Lago is the slighted ensign of Otello who sets up a plan to make Otello think that Desmona is cheating on him with his newly promoted soldier, Cassio. 

I created this perfume with characters of the opera in mind, the Bitter Orange represents Lagos resentment towards Otello, French Lavender and Sweet Fennel represents Otello's wife Desmona, a dedicated and caring wife. And the Spicy Notes of Sri Lanka Cinnamon and Thai Benzoin represents the heated anger Otello feels towards his wife when he is tricked into believing she is having and affair."


With Bitter Orange, Ginger, French Lavender, Sweet Fennel, Tonka Beans, Sri Lanka Cinnamon, Thai Benzoin, Madagascar Cinnamon and Indian Mysore Sandalwood.

Top Notes: Bitter Orange, Ginger, French Lavender

Middle Notes: Sweet Fennel, Tonka Beans, Sri Lanka Cinnamon

Base Notes: Thai Benzoin, Madagascar Vanilla, Indian Mysore Sandalwood

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